DPS (Digital Product-Service) software

A DPS (Digital Product-Service) system is a software underlying the delivery of a connected PSS (Product-Service System). A connected PSS is a combination of a product and services (the traditional PSS) having the product connected to the internet (connected PSS). The DPS software exploits the data collected from the connected product and provides all the stakeholders of the PSS with insights, advice, automations and any other digital capabilities needed to ensure that
  1. the end customer maximizes the outcome expected from the product
  1. the supplier minimizes the risks and costs incurred in providing the service
Put simply, a DPS is the digital companion of a product-service system.
What is a DPS (Digital Product-Service) system?


“Servitization is the transformation of a business to compete through a combination of services and products, rather than products alone.”
What is servitization?

Digital Servitization

“Digital servitization refers to the utilisation of digital technologies for the transformation whereby a company shifts from a product-centric to a service-centric business model.”
What is digital servitization?

Connected Service

A connected service is a service offered to the users of a machine, made possible by the fact that the machine is permanently connected to a central information system, through IoT technologies.
What is a connected service?

PSS (Product-Service System)

What is a PSS (Product-Service System)?