What is a connected service?

A connected service is a service offered to the users of a machine, made possible by the fact that the machine is permanently connected to a central information system, through IoT technologies.
A connected service can take a purely digital form, or a mixed, digital-physical form.

Digital service

In the case of a digital service, the service provider offers users functions, information, advice, control tools, utilities in general through a digital interface, Web or Mobile or via API. The service is fully automated and delivered by an information system. Functions are enabled and empowered by the data collected and the ability to interact through IoT connection with the machine or equipment.

Mixed digital-physical service

In the case of a mixed digital-physical service, the service provider offers a “traditional” service, such as a maintenance service, a consumable supply service, a performance consulting service, enhanced by digital capabilities. Again, the digital capabilities are enabled and empowered by the IoT connection to the machine or equipment.

Connected services and servitization

Connected services are a typical outcome of a servitization journey. Although in fact, theoretically, servitization can also envisage non-connected services, the latter are significantly more expensive, less scalable and less effective in ensuring an outcome for the customer.