Service Manager

Business entities: Organization, Partner.
The Service Manager is responsible for overseeing and optimizing the after-sales service operations, managing service technicians (see the Service Technician persona), ensuring timely equipment repairs and maximizing customer satisfaction and retention.
In case service operations are outsourced, the Service Manager is also responsible for managing service partners, ensuring partners’ effectiveness to meet customers’ expectations or service level agreements and maintaining partners’ loyalty.

Tasks and objectives

The tasks and objectives of the Service Manager impacted by the DPS system are:

Customer satisfaction and retention

  • Prioritize and coordinate the timely resolution of equipment-related issues affecting customers’ expectations or service level agreements to minimize downtime and impact on customers’ business.
  • Ensure that customers' equipment-related needs and outcome expectations, such as uptime, productivity, efficiency, longevity, output quality, are met or exceeded.

Operational efficiency

  • Efficiently allocate resources, including human resources, tools and spare parts, to ensure timely service delivery, while balancing service quality and operational costs.
  • Streamline and optimize service processes to reduce operational costs and meet budgetary goals.
  • Provide resources and support to team members to enhance their skills, effectiveness and efficiency.

Service strategy planning

  • Establish preventive maintenance plans (such as calendar-based, time-based, usage-based, condition-based, predictive) to maintain equipment health and performance over time.
  • Develop and refine the company's service strategy and service contract offerings to align with customer needs and market trends and to generate additional revenue.
  • Identify opportunities for innovation in service offerings and present recommendations for product improvements.

Service partners management

  • Collaborate with partners to resolve complex equipment-related issues that require escalation.
  • Ensure that partners comply with company policies and best-practices.
  • Provide resources and support to partners to enhance their skills, effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Foster positive and strong relationships with partners to ensure their loyalty.