DPS Business Impact

Your DPS system supports the delivery of your connected services offering. Such connected services have an impact on your business.
To evaluate and define this impact we suggest you to run these exercises.

Roles and JTBD

“customer hire a product to accomplish a job”
Define all the possible roles involved in your product-service system, at any stage and at any level of responsibility.
It is important to list both the business entities involved as well as the specific roles of the persons involved.
The list of roles will be useful to configure the User Profiles of the DPS
For each role, define the list of its Jobs to Be Done (JBTD).

Value Proposition Canvas

For target each role it is extremely useful to run the well-known Value Proposition Canvas exercises:
Image without caption
  • “Customer Jobs” correspond to the Jobs to Be Done (JBTD) of the target role
  • “Gains” and “Pains” correspond to the expressed and hidden needs of the role when performing such jobs
  • “Products & Services” correspond to the DPS system
  • “Gain Creators” and “Pain Relievers” correspond to the functions of the DPS system that satisfy the needs of the target role