The Business Impact of your DPS

“Begin with the end in mind.”
Your DPS system enables and supports the delivery of your connected services offering. Such connected services have an impact on your business.
Understanding and assessing the desired impact of the DPS system is critical to best configure it.

Personas and Business Entities

Your DPS system has the potential to impact and generate value to many users, across several business entities.
To maximize impact and value, we suggest to segment users into groups based on their objectives and needs.

Connected Services Strategy

The configuration of your DPS system should follow your Connected Services strategy.
After an initial “exploration” phase, where your main objective is just to verify that data correctly flows from your connected products to your DPS system, we suggest to define your Connected Services Route.

Topics to focus on

Your DPS system can deal with different topics, that help in improving different aspects of your product and the process in which it is involved. For example it can help the end user performing preventive maintenance operations (topic: health), or the operation manager optimizing the work process (topic: process), or your dealer with the supply of consumables (topic: consumables).
While evaluating the business impact of your DPS system, and even while configuring it, it is helpful to first make a list of all the possible topics you want to consider, then order them by priority, and then deal with one topic at a time.
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The MLA Loop

Once you have chosen topics of interest, one possible approach to pursuing an outcome goal is to adopt a Measure Learn Act (MLA) cycle.
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Planning and tracking your progress

Deploying your Connected Services offering requires planning and tracking.
We suggest here a number of dimensions worth considering.
To have an overview of your overall progress you can list these dimensions on a single page and for each indicate the progress status, like the one below:
One-pager to track the progress status on each dimension of your Connected Services plan
One-pager to track the progress status on each dimension of your Connected Services plan