DPS (Digital Product-Service) system

A Digital Product-Service (DPS) system is a software that enables and supports equipment manufacturers and service providers in developing and operating their connected service offering.
It has 3 goals:
  1. generate value from the raw data received from connected products
  1. distribute value to all stakeholders in the product-service system
  1. let the provider capture such value
The system acts as the backbone of the connected product-service system. It relentlessly processes and analyzes data received from connected products to detect events, recognize patterns, generate valuable insights, highlight situations requiring attention, provide recommendations and trigger actions.
The system is also the central hub responsible for distributing information, recommendations, and actions to all stakeholders along the value chain of the product-service system, according to their roles, jobs, needs, and goals.
The system also establishes two-way communication with connected products, enabling and facilitating the remote delivery of commands, parameters, recipes and updates.

Digital Service

A Digital Service is any service that is delivered electronically over the internet.

Connected Service

A Connected Service is a service offered to the end customer of a product, made possible by the fact that the product is permanently connected to a central information system, through IoT technologies.

Smart Service

A Smart Service is the most developed level of data-driven service, where data is processed to extract useful information and lead to action.

Relationships between the various types of digital services

Relationships between the various types of digital services


“Servitization is the transformation of a business to compete through a combination of services and products, rather than products alone.”

Digital Servitization

“Digital servitization refers to the utilisation of digital technologies for the transformation whereby a company shifts from a product-centric to a service-centric business model.”

PSS (Product-Service System)

What is a PSS (Product-Service System)?