Servitly Academy

Whether you are a beginner trying out your new DPS environment, or an experienced DPS specialist looking for ideas to optimise and improve your work, this academy is for you.
Servitly software is divided into 2 distinct parts:
  1. the **Console**, to let you define and configure all the layers, components and user intefaces of the DPS system, through a No-code approach
  1. the **DPS system** itself, that is result of the configuration.
The purpose of this academy is to guide you through the process of configuring your DPS system through the Console.

Some foundational concepts and terms

First of all, let’s become familiar with a few concepts and terms: DPS, connected services, servitization, and some other frequently used ones.

Evaluating the business impact

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Since the DPS system supports the execution of your connected services, and your connected services aim at having an impact on your business, before putting your hands on the Console we strongly suggest you to spend an adequate time to focus on the desired business impact.
DPS Business Impact

Configuring your DPS system

Once you have an idea of the business impact you want to achieve you can start configuring your DPS system.
DPS Configuration Process

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