In the Appearance section you set every single detail that affects the appearance of your DPS system: images, graphics, labels and messages. You also manage all the translations needed to offer your system in different languages.

Your brand

Through images and CSS you can set your DPS as close to your brand as possible, to make you feel at home and let your users feel at your premises.
Useful Help Center Resources: Images, CSS

Your partners’ brand

If you associate a subdomain to a partner, with the same approach you can change here the appearance of the DPS system published at the subdomain’ address according to your partners’ brand.
Useful Help Center Resources: Custom Domain

Labels and translations

Through Labels you manage every single piece of text in your DPS system. You can add as many languages and translations as you want.
Useful Help Center Resources: Labels


Through Messages you can configure all the messages the DPS system sends to the users when a certain event occurs.
Useful Help Center Resources: Messages