DPS Configuration Process

When addressing the first configuration of your DPS system or when performing a review to improve your existing system, we suggest you to divide the work in phases.
Each phase is characterized by:
  • a single layer to focus your attention on
  • a criteria of evaluation and completion
The phases corresponds exactly to main entires of the Servitly Console menu
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→ feel at home, and let your users feel at your premises


→ define the catalog of all the physical elements composing your offering


→ extend the data stored in the DPS business objects

RAW Data

→ define all the metrics that the product or location sends to the DPS

Remote Control

→ define all the possible commands and parameters that the DPS is allowed to send to the product

Computed Data

→ add any computation you may need to the raw data


The purpose of the events layer is to define all possible event types that can occur on the product or location and that are worth to be recorded
Events in depthEvents in depth


The purpose of insights is to extract synthetic, interesting and possibly actionable information from data and events
Insights in depthInsights in depth


→ raise the attention of the user (through Alerts) and possibly ask to do something (through Actions)
Involvement in depthInvolvement in depth


→ let the DPS take autonomous decisions to do something


→ package the service offering and pricing


→ define how each user profile access the DPS features according to its needs and priorities

User Profiles

→ define all the profiles that will have access and get benefit from the DPS