Foundational concepts and terms

Familiarize yourself with a few concepts and terms, such as DPS, Connected Service, Servitization, and other frequently used ones.

Introduction to the DPS system and the Console

Servitly software is divided into 2 parts:
  1. the DPS system
  1. the Console
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The DPS system is responsible for implementing your data valorization strategy and enabling the delivery of your connected services offering. Its primary function is to process and extract value from raw data received from your connected products, and distribute that value to all stakeholders of your product-service system. The ultimate goal of the DPS system is to enable your end customer to get the result they expect from your product.
The Console is the application that lets you define and configure all the layers, components, and user interfaces of the DPS system through a no-code approach.
The purpose of this academy is to guide you through the process of configuring your DPS system through the Console.

DPS Architecture

The steps you will face while configuring a DPS are aligned with the layers of its architecture.
Thus, let's have a deeper look into it.
Servitly DPS Architecture