Service Technician

Business entities: Organization, Partner.
The Service Technician is responsible for installing, setting up, maintaining and repairing equipment, interacting and providing technical support to customers, complying with company plans and policies and maintaining operational efficiency.

Tasks and objectives

The tasks and objectives of the Service Technician impacted by the DPS system are:
  • Properly install and setup equipment according to company specifications to ensure equipment performance and efficiency.
  • Quickly diagnose and resolve equipment-related issues affecting customers’ expectations or service level agreements to minimize downtime and impact on customers’ business.
  • Perform preventive maintenance tasks by adhering to the established schedule (such as calendar-based, time-based, usage-based, condition-based, predictive) to continuously ensure uptime, maintain optimal performance and ensure longevity.
  • Perform service activities while optimizing time spent and resources used to reduce operational costs.


Needs addressed by interacting with the DPS
  • Need to get up-to-date and complete diagnostic data and information
    • after a failure or anomaly has occurred
      • to understand why the issue occurred
      • to get ready to solve it
    • before a failure could occur
      • to understand the issue and possibly avoid it
  • Need to know when to perform a preventive maintenance activity
  • Need to have guidance on how to perform a repair or maintenance activity
  • Need to remotely configure the product, to solve the issue remotely
Needs addressed by letting the DPS work in the background
  • Need to automate monitoring of products and triggering of actions
    • detect events in real time (such as failures or anomalies) that require technician action
    • immediately prompt attention to these situations through notifications